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11/14/2020 – A whole bunch of chapters for Dog Days in Hotlanta are coming very soon. Be prepared for that. They will at first be locked behind the paywall of the Quinlan Circle Patreon, but they will become free a little bit afterwards. However, I’m not sure the best way to notify people other than sending an extra tweet about it on Twitter, since e-mail and RSS notifications only go out once. Maybe I’ll put the unlock date in the chapter title?

Anyway, I got two requests for ya this update:

  • One, please read the web serial Synth on Royal Road. It’s so good.
  • Two, please subscribe to Hands Held in the Snow on the site/app Tapas. Soon, that site will do its Inksgiving event, which is a really good chance for the story to break out even though it’s already finished. Read more about Inksgiving here!

Thank y’all for your patience. Honestly, it’s real obvious that the sporadic update schedule was a big bust. Not many people are reading the story anymore compared to a year ago… But due to real life I won’t be able to get back to a regular schedule until early 2021. So, enjoy the rest of Dog Days in Hotlanta now. Then get ready for the third Season 2 story to blow you away at a rate of two or three chapters per week.

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