7/6/2019 – Another month, another new ATL story; this time it’s The Worst Mystery, and before we find out just how Morgan and the gang live up to the title’s promise, we are treated to a cover by Emmanomia, a great artist who everyone should check out. The cover is fashioned in the style of old Sega Master System box art, so if you’re a giant fat nerd you might get a few laughs out of it.

Read The Worst Mystery here!

As promised, I bought Super Mario Maker 2 and have played it quite a bit. Here are two of my first levels: 3GR-FFN-V6G, and P5Q-9K7-04G. Please play them and remember to have fun.

Also, I would like to give great attention to two individuals in relation to ATL: First is Hejin, who makes comments on ATL chapters all the time like a complete soldier and is the example to set for all readers. You guys’ve got a lot to live up to. (also, he writes the serial Music Masters, which you should read). The other is Elliott Thomas Staude, whose recent Web Fiction Guide review has been a very good source in new readers. Thank you kindly for that (he, too, has web serials for you to read).

If you are a good reader, you shall be spotlighted in the next ATL news update. Just think about what that will mean for your internet points.

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