1/15/2019 – And here we are with the final chapter of The Social Media Killer! Thank you to everyone who has read the story so far across these past few months, and hopefully it was a pretty good ride solving this case with Morgan and pals.

As the newest chapter notes, ATL will resume again with its second story arc, Trials of the Cybermancer!, on January 29th. It’s gonna have a cool cover and fun adventures and you better be excited for it.

In a sheer coincidence of timing and a public holiday on Monday, today not only had the final chapter of The Social Media Killer, but was also my very first day as an assistant language teacher in Japan, so fate really handed me that endings/beginnings shtick you see in the movies sometimes. It was a pretty rough first day. But hey, we have those sometimes. Especially Morgan Harding. Anyway, enjoy ATL and get ready for the next story!

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