ATL: Stories from the Retrofuture

10/6/2020 – Sorry that I haven’t gotten a new batch of ATL chapters out as quickly as I had hoped; I unexpectedly moved to a new house at the start of September and it has completely wrecked my schedule. But I swear I’ll publish more as soon as I’m able!

In the meantime, Quinlan Circle has started a new project, a webcomic series called Starcrash!! with Jeff, by Joi Massat. You experienced Joi’s artwork and sense of humor in the ATL side stories “Table Manners” and “ATLantis,” and Starcrash!! is just those but even cuter and more ridiculous. It currently updates every single day, and I highly recommend keeping up.

Also, please read Jesse Pirnat’s short story “Justice Never Dies.” In the current news environment, this story is suddenly a whole lot more relevant…

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