5/21/2019 – I published the new chapter of Embed today extremely early compared to usual. That’s because usually I schedule the post to come out early in the morning each EST, But today, I felt like switching things up, and posting midday in my local time. That means the chapter is coming out basically right at midnight, and for western timezones, that means it’s still Monday!

What do you think about that? What time of day do you usually read ATL chapters, and what time do you prefer them to come out? It’s a lot easier to manage stuff for me when I’m actually awake for the chapter releases, but that also means releasing chapters in the middle of the night for most people…

Also, don’t forget to vote this week on Top Web Fiction! We must beat Everybody Loves Large Chests at the polls! ATL cannot be considered a true web serial until it passes Everybody Loves Large Chests!

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