6/11/2019 – Crossword Conundrum has begun in earnest. Read the first chapter here and get into the silliness to come. The cover art is by Kat Ozkozar who, despite already being a great artist, also runs a webcomic called Afraid of Monsters (though it’s not up at the moment, so you have to bookmark the page and come back in a few months).

June brings to us many things. The scorching weather of the summer season, the eponymous Hotlanta, is soon upon us. (Well, not me because I’m in Northen Japan, ha.) Summer break for high schoolers means ATL is soon to be inundated with thousands of new readers who cosplay and argue about the social politics of the cast. Super Mario Maker 2 is about to come out and imperil the future of the web novel because I am gonna play the crap outta that game.

Let us pray that June finds us kindly, instead of delivering to us its wrath.


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