ATL: Stories from the Retrofuture is an online serial web novel by Thedude3445.  It’s a sci-fi/comedy/thriller/action/drama set in a world imagined by the 80s and 90s. Morgan Harding, twentysomething slacker unwittingly gifted with superhuman abilities, has to keep Atlanta safe from the technological threats that, uh, threaten it.

The series is divided into various independent story arcs, ranging in size from a full novel to just a couple chapters, and there’s only one constant: there will be a lot of robots.

ATL updates every Tuesday and every Friday– be there or be square, or some other undesirable shape if you happen to like squares!

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Thedude3445 is an internet celebrity of massive proportions whose credits include having a Letterboxd account with 250 followers and doing Homestuck fan stuff that one time. Actual author bio page coming soon.

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Joi Massat did all the character art you’ll find on the site here and is a wonderful human being.