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The New Knights – Chapter 5: Le Pêcher

After finishing up with the tech expo and getting lunch (I eventually decided to just pick up some quick food at the Fami by my apartment), I get pampered and ready for tonight’s dinner party. I go by the Atlanta Cares office to pick up the dinner jacket Larkins is letting me borrow, and switch my mind into the most professional mode it can.

If I’m doing something as awful as attending a rich person dinner party, I might as well blend in as well as I can, because this is my chance to do some major investigating.

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The New Knights – Chapter 4: On the Way Out

That was certainly a very long trip through the convention center. I took a look at basically every section of the tech expo with as much attention as I could give, but I still feel like I’ve covered maybe not even twenty five percent of what this place has to offer. It’s just too huge.

So, after I eat a late lunch (my stomach’s getting angry at me already), maybe I’ll come back here and take another look? Though I guess I’d rather not, since I have that dinner party that Mr. Larkins is hosting tonight at Peach Towers. Why am I invited to that again?

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The New Knights – Chapter 3: The Atlanta Annual Tech Expo

Author’s note: Before you jump in, I just want to let you know that his chapter is long, far longer than anything else in ATL up to this point. So whether you want to read this in pieces or set aside some time to go through it all at once, either one is fine. Hopefully this chapter works really well!

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Chocolate Insomnia – Chapter 11: Gonna Be Friends

“You’ve got to be the luckiest girl on the planet to have a friend like me…”

“I’m still mad at you.”

“I’m sorry.”

I’m sorry, but I am literally carrying Karina like a princess up the stairs to my apartment, so she can’t be too upset at me.

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Chocolate Insomnia – Chapter 10: It Gets Figured Out

At the church, as usual.

The sanctuary kind of smells weird today. Did R8PR have a girl over or something? I smell kind of strong perfume. Or maybe he bought a bunch of bake sale items, and then… pretended to eat them as he incinerated them with electric blasts?

You never know with this guy.

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