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The Social Media Killer – Chapter 30: Showdown in Downtown

We arrive at the entrance to Mayor Epstein’s office, a towering building among towering buildings. There are security guards along each of the doors to the building, but they don’t seem to be reacting in any panic, which means Jones has not yet struck.

If this works out, we’ll be able to stop her in time. If it doesn’t, we’ll probably end up dead and Atlanta will fall apart.

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The Social Media Killer – Chapter 29: Sunny-Side Up



It’s been a while since I had the opportunity to cook anything. So I ran over to Fami really early in the morning, picked up food stuff, and now I’m making some breakfast for the rest of this little party here.

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The Social Media Killer – Chapter 28: The Killer and the Robot

R8PR takes a long look at Jones.

She does the same at him.

Karina takes a step to the side to avoid being caught in the staredown, and automatically blushes.

“A pleasure to make your acquaintance,” R8PR says to Jones. “I am Sage, the first sentient robot.”

“Don’t call yourself ‘Sage.’ Stop it.”

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The Social Media Killer – Chapter 27: The Truth Behind Everything

“What do you mean ‘the truth behind everything?’” I ask Jones as she continues to cry on my bedroom floor. You know, usually when I have a girl crying in my bedroom, it’s because I’m doing a good job. This is ruining my reputation, here.

No, this isn’t the time for jokes, is it?

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The Social Media Killer – Chapter 26: A Truce

“A truce?”

Jones is wearing the same hoodie from earlier this morning, now covered in dust and dirt and a bit torn. She looks just as passionate and intense as before, but the bags under her eyes are a lot more noticeable than before.

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The Social Media Killer – Chapter 25: Take Me Home, Atlanta Roads

Chief Baranowsky, who escorted me from Mayor Epstein’s office back home, follows behind me as we make our way up the stairs.

If he’s expecting a goodbye kiss, he’s not getting one.

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The Social Media Killer – Chapter 24: Meeting’s On

I’m escorted down the hall and to the left.

There’s office workers pacing the halls and a kind elderly receptionist who looks at me being held against my will in handcuffs. We exchange friendly glances before she gasps at the realization of my current predicament.

Yes, I could break these cuffs. But that would just cause a big fight and a lot of people would get hurt, and I would probably not escape alive except as a fugitive going into hiding the rest of my life. My goal to be productive with my existence would be spoiled forever.

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The Social Media Killer – Chapter 23: I Can’t Believe I’m Doing This

I have to repeat it to myself to make sure I am aware.

I’m in over my head.

It is perfectly true that I have faced many trials and threats in my time over the past year. I’ve been in life-or-death situations and occasionally had to make some tough choices.

Everything about this one, though, reeks of a situation I should never have been in in the first place.

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The Social Media Killer – Chapter 22: Quite a Conversation

“Let’s come clean with each other,” I say before slamming a notebook onto the table. “I’ve been searching all week for the Social Media Killer, and I found her just in time to watch her be hunted down by assassins and chased halfway across the city. Whoever is behind all this is someone big. I need to know who.”

Marge sits down at the table and yells to a passing waiter, “One pitcher of beer.”

“Hold on, this isn’t a dinner date,” I say. “We aren’t at this place to wine and dine.”

“Well, that’s why I ordered us beer,” she says with a wink.

“You know it’s one in the afternoon, Marge.”

“I’m getting a headstart on everyone else.”

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