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Embed – Chapter 7: The Manhunt

“This is just like when Sigourney gets kidnapped in Fourside!” Kobi exclaims as we stroll down the street, looking for any sign of Lamar’s existence.

“Her name is Paula,” I say. “And she’s not anything like Lamar. This isn’t a video game.” The hangover is starting to come on, and I’m feeling dizzier by the moment, but I of course am able to keep very calm and collected even in the face of ABSOLUTE DISASTER.

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Embed – Chapter 5: Yuuuuuuum Mart!

“Welcome to Yum Mart,” the Yum Mart robot says as we enter the Yum Mart.

“Why did it have to be Yum Mart…” I whine.

“You know I never go to Fami,” Lamar says. “Not after the chicken incident.”

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Embed – Chapter 3: Subway

Lamar Gwinnett.

One of my very best friends throughout my childhood.

He was the one who dared me to climb the tallest tree in Piedmont Park, and then the one who called the fire department when I got stuck for two hours. He was the one who knocked out a girl who was teasing me on the playground. He was the one who joined me when I ran away from home for a day and a half middle school.

He’s back.

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Embed – Chapter 2: Operating at the Hospital

Lamar lays asleep in a dusty, long-abandoned emergency room of a former hospital in the outskirts of the city.

R8PR moves around a few times a year to keep potential sleuths off his trail, but this is the area he revisits the most often, because it’s the only place where there is functional medical equipment to use when we need it. Even so, this place seems a bit out of his style. It’s abandoned, but it’s not in ruins and certainly not a good place to hide out for too long because this is a popular spot for homeless people to gather, at least on the lower floors. We had to avoid a few drugged-out individuals yelling at us as we dragged this guy over here.

But we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t desperate.

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Trials of the Cybermancer! – Chapter 25: Epilogue: Genesis Crush: The Unlimited Brawl

Nah just kidding, this story isn’t over yet. Because I want to tell you another story. A story of the modern world at its best.

By that I mean Genesis Crush, the greatest game of all-time, the most exhilarating cinematic, interactive, progression-based experience of all-time. As annoying internet forum posters would say, it is a luminary experience.

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Trials of the Cybermancer! – Chapter 24: All’s Well That…




No answer.

Well, I tried.

I wanted to call up Chuck and thank him for all his help with the Cybermancer stuff, but it looks like he’s too busy to be answering his phone, as usual. Oh well. I’m sure as sunshine he’ll call back eventually with some limited-time offer for an incomplete collection of 60s Batman comics. He mailed me back my game already, at the very least.

The game known only as Genesis Crush.

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Trials of the Cybermancer! – Chapter 23: Chief Chat

I’m in the Atlanta police department headquarters.

Inside of Chief Baranowsky’s office.

This is, once again, not an unfamiliar circumstance.

“I can’t BELIEVE you thought you could just go out on your own,” Chief Baranowsky says as he chews me out. “You were under police protection. We were solving this case. We were about to bring down the entire Cybermancer ring!”

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