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The Worst Mystery – Chapter 13: Despite Everything…

I hate coming to the Peach Towers food court on Saturdays, because it’s always filled with shoppers carrying a half dozen shopping bags (or having their robot servants do it for them), which means the lines to the restaurants are always three times as long. If I were smarter, I would pack a lunch when I work on Saturdays. However, I am not smarter.

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The Worst Mystery – Chapter 11: Facility

I’m trying to sort out this extremely horrible mystery together in my head, but none of it is fitting together like I’d like. Though, sitting in the cramped not-made-for-humans service counter space next to Lamar, Karina, and an offline worker robot, there isn’t much else for me to be doing.

 “So this is Magitek Soda, right?” I ask, trying to put my thoughts aloud to see how they sound.

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The Worst Mystery – Chapter 10: Bait


That’s not one you hear every day. But you do hear it sometimes, which really shocks me, especially for a bunch of Labor Party people. Do they really think she was a supporter? Surely Jones was like, Green Party or something. Is. Hopefully is.

Yep, this is what we’re doing.

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The Worst Mystery – Chapter 8: Chip

There’s a certain period of time people like to call the “magic hour.”

It’s not exactly a full hour necessarily, but it’s a period right as the sun has started to set, where the sky goes soft. The blues are stronger, the oranges are brighter. You’ll even see some purples, some golds, mixed in there. It’s super pretty. Photographers absolutely love the magic hour, and so you’ll see a huge number of images that just happen to be taken sometime around five, six, seven in the evening, depending on the time of year. In fact, it’s probably extremely overrepresented in art for how little time of the day it tends to last. 

For me, it kind of fills me with dread when I start to thinking about it. 

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The Worst Mystery – Chapter 7: A Whole Thing

The police in Atlanta are pretty infamous for being not that good at their jobs. Yeah sure, the crime rate’s lowered a lot since the end of the war, but if the police were any better, I’d be out of a career. And, in this circumstance, people would be doing more than just giving very nasty looks. 

I will admit that Karina and I carrying Lamar like he’s a dead carcass has bad optics. It looks suspicious, to be completely honest. But it’s not like there was any other way for us to move him.

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The Worst Mystery – Chapter 6: Analyzing Algorithms Always, and an Aidea

“You really thought I wouldn’t show up?” Lamar asks, meeting Karina and me at the street corner we’ve been waiting at for the past half-hour.

We actually wandered off a bit from where that one auto-conbini let off, mostly because a nearby Labor Party protest was getting closer, and louder. Also, I was apparently very thirsty because I bought yet another unsweet tea. Anyway, saying all of that was pointless because we’re back in the same spot, and now we’re ready for action, with Lamar in tow.

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The Worst Mystery – Chapter 5: Getting Off

“Well, that was pretty uneventful,” I say, stepping off the auto-conbini after it FINALLY makes a new stop somewhere else in the city. It took forever!

“I mean, not like we were doing anything better, right…”

Karina’s grumpy. She’s been grumpy ever since we got stuck on the vehicle thanks to those protestors trapping us inside while chanting slogans (also, I can hear another group of protestors shouting a few blocks away, which is terrible). But honestly, Karina’s been in a bad mood the last few times we’ve met up. I wonder what’s up with her. 

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The Worst Mystery – Chapter 4: 途中

“Why do they think we can just get rid of robots and make all the old jobs come back…” Karina grumbles. “It’s ridiculous. They can’t actually believe it, can they… Honestly, sometimes they’re worse than the Earth Group…”

“You’re comparing a political party you don’t like to an eco-terror organization,” I say. “Are you sure you’re not the bad guy here?”

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