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The Worst Mystery – Chapter 3: Random Patterns

The things I do for friendship.

Sometimes those things involve risking my life and fighting giant cyborg assassins. Sometimes those things involve humiliating myself in front of a huge crowd as a distraction. And sometimes those things involve solving the world’s worst mystery because your friend really wants to do it and you don’t want to let her down.

So far, it’s just the latter, but if it evolves into the other two, I’ll be able to use this as a way to say “told you so” to my future self. 

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The Worst Mystery – Chapter 2: Some Soda


“Well, specifically, I’m looking for Magitek Soda,” Karina says.

“Magitek… Soda…” Sorry, I’m not exactly in my most eloquent mood after sprinting down a busy sidewalk for a good ten minutes.

I can feel the sweat dripping from my armpits down my sides. And here Karina is, in a yellow sundress, the most perilous thing about her the fact that she looks like she might have gotten a sunburn being out here.

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