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Chocolate Insomnia – Chapter 7: Currency Exchange and Sleep Deprivation

Ugghhhhhhhh I’m so tiiiiiiiiired……..

That was such a horrible idea to stay up all night when I already did that last night. I think I’ve been awake for like fifty-five hours by now. 

And the worst part about it is that there is only a single customer in the entire bank. Just one. I can’t even distract myself from how tired I am by working. 

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Chocolate Insomnia – Chapter 6: Rooftop

You can’t see any stars from up here.

Light pollution’s too high. 

But despite the overpowering orange hue of the city around us, Karina and I lay on bedding and look up at the night sky, at the the sliver of moon that faintly peeks out through the urban haze. 

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Chocolate Insomnia – Chapter 5: Sitcoms

The father robot kneels down at the foot of the bed, where the son robot, baseball cap turned sideways, is sitting, gently kicking his feet.

“You know I’ll always love you,” the father robot says with its hand on its knee, a synthesized chirping coming from its vocal box. “Even if you strike out in baseball, you’re still my son.”

“Even if I don’t bring home a trophy?” the son robot asks.

“No trophy matters more to me than you.”

“Even a solid gold trophy?”

“Even a solid platinum trophy.”

“Even a trophy covered in sexy ladies?”

The father robot turns its head to the camera, which slightly zooms in on its face as it shakes its head. The studio audience erupts into laughter. A fanciful soft jazz tune plays, and the image fades out.

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Chocolate Insomnia – Chapter 3: I Shouldn’t Do This, But…

It’s just a coincidence. I was just going out to the grocery store. The Asian grocery store this time, of course. There’s Asian grocery stores across the city? Yeah, maybe, but the cheap ones are all around here. Just a coincidence, honest.

…I’m rehearsing all the excuses I’ll have to make if Karina catches me following her.

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Chocolate Insomnia – Chapter 2: Fifteen Bucks an Hour

It’s draining my friggin’ wallet, but here we are, looking through the private data collection of none other than Dr. Gonzales, the “Data Broker.” The Data Farm is home to petabyte upon petabyte of miscellaneous offline data donated by hoarders and collectors over the long decades of the internet’s existence, but its most lucrative attraction is the files exclusively hosted by special curators, if you’re willing to put up with the price. 

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06 – Chocolate Insomnia – Chapter 1: That’s When We Stepped In

Art by Beep Skeet

At the church, in the darkness.

I toss the bound-up man onto the ground and look up into the dimly-lit chapel. R8PR’s shining green LED eyes flicker into light and I see him step forward.  He gives a few loud, metallic claps as he looks on at the man.

I glance over to Karina, who is leaning against a church pew and breathing heavily. I know exactly how you feel. We’ve been through a lot this past morning.

“You don’t understand!” the man shouts. “The end is coming! We have to be ready! I was just preparing for–” R8PR holds out his fingers and electricity surges out of them and zaps the man unconscious.

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