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The New Knights – Chapter 20: What Happens Next

A couple hours afterwards. 

The Georgia World Congress Center is still in a frenzy, but now it’s the frenzy of cleanup and aftermath.

It’s quiet. The kind of quiet you get after events like these. The eerie, mist-filled silence of shock and mourning. There’s whispers, sobs, scattered through the room like single droplets of rain.

I feel drained. I feel like I want to melt into a puddle. But so does everyone else, it’s plain to see.

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The New Knights – Chapter 19: The Knights’ Plan

When the mohawked man catches my fist and throws me into the air, I expect to have my eyes flash before my eyes, because I just don’t feel like I should survive something like this. 

And yet, I do. I land on my feet and don’t even flinch. This is the part I love about fighting–the fact I’m pretty good at it.

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The New Knights – Chapter 17: Planning Against Plans

Amy, Karina and I sit in the tech expo cafe and each of us is sipping on drinks. Amy has a Coke Zero bottle, while I have a cafe latte and Karina has a black coffee. I want to say this is indicative of our personalities or something, but I don’t think something as stupid as caffeinated beverages works for that. 

(Also, that pigtails girl Tony (Tony with an “ah”) is still here and every time I look her way, she’s glaring at me. Help. I’m scared.)

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The New Knights – Chapter 16: The Sakaguchi Conference

The utter professionalism of the Japanese company Sakaguchi Automations is not an invincible force field by any means. Even this company will occasionally do things that most would consider strange or trashy.

Having Karina and a dozen other young women up on stage in skimpy outfits would, in my opinion, qualify as strange and trashy. 

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The New Knights – Chapter 15: Day Three at the Convention Center

“You’re going to be safe? You promise?” Karina asks.

“I pinky promise with a cherry on top,” I say.

“I can’t see the pinky, but you better be holding it up.”

“I am, I am.” I actually am, I swear. My pinky is in the air as we speak.

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The New Knights – Chapter 14: An Old Neighborhood at Night

Just me alone, wandering the mostly abandoned neighborhood around the fully abandoned church. I’ve been down this street so many times it’s practically etched into my memory, but this is the very first time I’ve ever gone on a simple walk around here. 

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