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All the site news posts are archived below, for fun.

3/10/2018 – It has come to my attention that my 2017 serial Rainbow Destructor has now been listed on Web Fiction Guide for all to enjoy!

I can’t say that you’ll necessarily enjoy it if you like ATL, because it’s quite a different ride, but it is still a Thedude3445 story and so I must implore you to read it, vote for it on Top Web Fiction, and leave a scathing review on its Web Fiction Guide page after you have finished.

If you don’t care for any of this, though, then I can assure you that ATL will update this Tuesday and this Friday, just as the sun sets and rises.


3/1/2018Trials of the Cybermancer! is running as smoothly as expected, and I hope you’re enjoying the antics Morgan & Co. are being put through at the moment. But I thought I’d use this news post to talk about something different for a change:

Did y’all see Super Mario Maker 2’s coming out in June? Came outta nowhere and it’s gonna be here in three months. How the heck’re we gonna be prepared for a thing like that? Stay tuned for the inevitable cancellation of ATL because I decided to continue the series as Mario Maker levels instead.

This has been an ATL News Update.


1/30/2019Trials of the Cybermancer! is now beginning, complete with a great cover by the artist Yukimaru, who also does the art on the brand-new webcomic Magical Heroines?!. Despite this being a web novel and that being a comic, I’d say there is a wide crossover demographic between the two, so I highly recommend that if you like ATL, hop on board and read Magical Heroines?! too.

This new story is gonna be crazy. I really hope you enjoy it, as it updates once again every Tuesday and every Friday!


1/23/2019 – ATL is still on break, at least until Trials of the Cybermancer! begins on January 29th. But, I wanted to announce my personal blog of rambling posts. Here’s the first of these. I noticed how long these site news updates were getting and realized if I don’t nip that in the bud, we’re gonna get novella-sized posts every couple weeks and nobody wants that. Nobody wants that at all.

In slightly unrelated news, I wanted to thank the people over at Tuesday Serial for their work in maintaining a real good website that has been a good support for ATL so far, and especially in its earliest days. Quite a few readers have come from over there and I’m eternally grateful for that.

(I love all of you, ATL readers.)


1/15/2019 – And here we are with the final chapter of The Social Media Killer! Thank you to everyone who has read the story so far across these past few months, and hopefully it was a pretty good ride solving this case with Morgan and pals.

As the newest chapter notes, ATL will resume again with its second story arc, Trials of the Cybermancer!, on January 29th. It’s gonna have a cool cover and fun adventures and you better be excited for it.

In a sheer coincidence of timing and a public holiday on Monday, today not only had the final chapter of The Social Media Killer, but was also my very first day as an assistant language teacher in Japan, so fate really handed me that endings/beginnings shtick you see in the movies sometimes. It was a pretty rough first day. But hey, we have those sometimes. Especially Morgan Harding. Anyway, enjoy ATL and get ready for the next story!


1/4/2019 – The Holiday Season is over and ATL is back on a normal schedule. And just in time, too– The Social Media Killer is almost complete! That’s really gotta be one of the most exciting pieces of news of 2019 so far.

Also, it appears that 2019 is a VERY IMPORTANT YEAR in retrofuturism! I don’t know why so many stories of sci-fi past took place in 2019, but I gotta say, I’m quite a fan of our own universe’s version of reality. Even if we quite didn’t get any flying cars. Come to think of it, there aren’t any flying cars in ATL either… I’m pretty glad ATL doesn’t have any vampires though…


12/22/2018 – Here’s an early Christmas present: the ATL site’s got some new design to it! The logo is new, there’s some image-based menus, and that weird fractal background that I had made in five minutes as a placeholder has been eradicated. It’s still in-progress but enjoy the upgrades.

Also, ATL is now open for voting on Top Web Fiction! Please vote for the story every week and keep its rankings up!

IMPORTANT NOTE, THOUGH: There will be no new chapters on Christmas or New Year’s, both of which fall on a Tuesday this year. So there will only be one update per week for these two weeks. The posts on Fridays will remain the same, though, so don’t worry about that.

Have a nice time during the holiday season, and make sure to have a very retrofuturistic 2019.


11/30/2018 – We’re getting close to the end of ATL’s first story arc, The Social Media Killer! Isn’t that exciting? By now, I was supposed to have set up a personal site and spruce up this site and such, but it turns out I am moving to Japan for work all of a sudden so I haven’t been able to do anything special so far. That won’t affect ATL, but it will mean the site won’t look pretty and spiffy just yet. Just remember to follow ATL: Stories from the Retrofuture on Twitter and Facebook!


10/26/2018The Social Media Killer has been making its posting onslaught for a month now, and I’m glad for the attention it’s gotten so far. I apparently have actual readers right now, which is way more traction than I ever thought it’d get by this point. I’m really excited for people to read the rest of the story as it continues to update!

Also, if you want to subscribe to the story and get more ATL-related content, you’ve got some fun avenues for that:

  • Subscribe to the site via e-mail! It’s on the sidebar. I recommend it.
  • Like the page on Facebook!
  • Follow the page on Twitter! @RetrofutureATL
  • Tell all your friends about the site and get them to all read it, and then start a book club where you discuss the two new chapters each week, so you never have to miss anything because you have a whole circle of friends collectively following it at any given time who will remind you if you miss anything.

All of these are fun and equally-attractive options.


9/25/2018 – Hello, and welcome to the very first Site News post for ATL: Stories from the Retrofuture. Everything on the site right now is kind of a placeholder, mostly because I have no idea what I’m doing, but eventually it’ll sort itself out. Right now, the first THREE chapters are all available for your reading pleasure! And make sure to keep up with the chapters as they continue to release, every Tuesday and Friday from now until the end of eternity, probably. Start reading here. Any comments are highly appreciated, as well!