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01 – The Social Media Killer – Chapter 1: The Social Media Killer Strikes

(cover art by amoxli)

“Decidedly worse than death.”

That’s what the local news says about it.

It’s a bit of a hyperbole, isn’t it? Being “killed” on social media.

Seems like only yesterday when robots were the new invention poised to make a social revolution, when the internet was for computer nerds and deviants. Back then it would have been hard to imagine today, a world where social networking is so pervasive, so important in society that it could ruin people’s lives if used improperly. That it could really be like murder.

But it must feel a lot like death to the victims. A few strokes on a keyboard, a hard press on an enter key… That’s all it takes. Something like walking at night, the street lights sparse and the air cool around you, and then someone grabbing you by the shoulder and plunging a virtual knife into your virtual body, your not-so-virtual secrets spraying out like blood.

That is the handiwork of the Social Media Killer.

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