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Trials of the Cybermancer! – Chapter 10: Enter Chuck… Again

“The evolution of the lightbulb sure has taken some interesting turns. We had those incandescent bulbs for a long time, but then it turned out they just weren’t very efficient, so they made everyone get fluorescent bulbs, then just a few years later they’re all up and saying LED bulbs are the best bet. It wasn’t twenty years ago that you’d walk into a store and ask for a lightbulb, and that’s it. Now there’s so many options that it’s going to turn into a new fad, like, fan clubs for different lightbulbs and such. Maybe they’ll make a TV show about all the types of lightbulbs represented as cute high school girls. That will raise interest in the issue.”

“Chuck, we really need to stay focused here,” I say. “Can you tell me anything about what I should do to stop all of this?”

“Huh? What were we talking about again?”

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