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The Worst Mystery – Chapter 13: Despite Everything…

I hate coming to the Peach Towers food court on Saturdays, because it’s always filled with shoppers carrying a half dozen shopping bags (or having their robot servants do it for them), which means the lines to the restaurants are always three times as long. If I were smarter, I would pack a lunch when I work on Saturdays. However, I am not smarter.

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The Worst Mystery – Chapter 2: Some Soda


“Well, specifically, I’m looking for Magitek Soda,” Karina says.

“Magitek… Soda…” Sorry, I’m not exactly in my most eloquent mood after sprinting down a busy sidewalk for a good ten minutes.

I can feel the sweat dripping from my armpits down my sides. And here Karina is, in a yellow sundress, the most perilous thing about her the fact that she looks like she might have gotten a sunburn being out here.

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