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Dog Days in Hotlanta – Chapter 20: This Morgan Harding

Long hair, ponytail, square-rimmed glasses. A smile on their face, perhaps. This is a picture of Morgan Harding, if they never had that fateful meeting with a robot on the run. I sometimes dream about this Morgan when I’m in my deepest of doldrums, and for some reason I’m way far down in that hole just right now.

Morgan, when they were twenty years old, had an encounter that changed the shape of the rest of their life. Whether by accident of fortuitous twist of fate, they met someone who changed their life forever. They died. They were saved. They came back cybernetically enhanced. They had some abilities that exceeded a normal human by any measure. They were faster, stronger, better reflexes, better healing—an evolution of Homo sapiens sapiens in just about every conceivable way. They were a lot more than their skinny appearance let on, and so they decided to use their powers to save the city of Atlanta in any way they could.

But that is not THIS Morgan.

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