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The New Knights – Chapter 20: What Happens Next

A couple hours afterwards. 

The Georgia World Congress Center is still in a frenzy, but now it’s the frenzy of cleanup and aftermath.

It’s quiet. The kind of quiet you get after events like these. The eerie, mist-filled silence of shock and mourning. There’s whispers, sobs, scattered through the room like single droplets of rain.

I feel drained. I feel like I want to melt into a puddle. But so does everyone else, it’s plain to see.

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Crossword Conundrum – Chapter 10: It’s Solved

Back at the garage, Kevin O’Conner has already gone home for the night. I had assumed he lived here or something, since he is caretaker for the robot that does live here, but it looks like he doesn’t care enough to do anything like that.

AR73 doesn’t seem too lonely about his absence. Right now it just seems excited about getting a bunch of new paints to experiment with. 

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