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Into the Retrofuture – Chapter 21: That Corny Airport Thing

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“It happens in, like,  every movie,” Karina says. “They get to the airport, they stand in front of the security checkpoint, and then all those dramatic moments happen. People win Oscars with airport scenes. That’s all they’re there for, really.”

“Why are you telling me this?” I, the suitcase mule, ask. Karina has a backpack and duffel bag, sure, but why am I the one lugging around three suitcases?

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Trials of the Cybermancer! – Chapter 19: Good Exercise Time

Running was never my strong suit, and I was never a particularly athletic individual. When I first encountered R8PR over a year ago, I was changed, enhanced from my original body permanently. I gained extraordinary strength, accelerated healing, quick reflexes, and a tenacious attitude. But one thing I did not gain was stronger lungs.

I really wish I had better endurance when it comes to sprinting.

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