The Art of the Retrofuture

There’s a lot of art posted on the ATL Twitter account that hasn’t made its way to the website just yet. Let’s fix that and bring it all over here for a closer examination

“We’re on a mission from Sage.” by @omelettecounty

The ATL cast is here– wait, who’s the one with the mohawk…. – by @ariestals

I don’t know who this is either??? -by @DStroart
Celebrating Maid Day the only way we know how. -by Joi Massat
Hang this poster on your wall. Put it up on your campus. -by Joi Massat again
This is not ATL art, actually

And last but not least… a special secret distorted preview of the cover of the next ATL story, Crossword Conundrum!

The cover art is by Kat Ozkosar. This image is by demons.

There you have it, for now. Make sure to follow ATL on Twitter to keep up on the latest Retrofuture happenings, and get ready for Crossword Conundrum, which releases this Friday!!!

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