Chocolate Insomnia – Chapter 11: Gonna Be Friends

“You’ve got to be the luckiest girl on the planet to have a friend like me…”

“I’m still mad at you.”

“I’m sorry.”

I’m sorry, but I am literally carrying Karina like a princess up the stairs to my apartment, so she can’t be too upset at me.

I won’t get into any of the stupid hijinks we got to in our return trip back from R8PR’s hideout, but I will say that running into not one, not two, but THREE muggers is so statistically unlikely in modern-day Atlanta that I feel that the technological dieties are looking down at us with revenge in their hearts. I did not want to get in so many fights when all I wanted to do was get home and get some sleep…

With a special maneuver that I dub the “Can’t wait to get back to the room,” I continue to hold Karina in my arms while, with just my hands and the twisting of my legs, I manage to grab my house keys out of my pocket, and insert them into the door.

To say I have mastered this technique would be an understatement. I pioneered this technique.

“Here we are,” I tell Karina after I push the door open with my shoulder. “I’m letting you down now.”

“Wait, not yet…”

“Oh, fine.” I walk further, into my bedroom, where I set Karina down gently and put a pillow under her head. “Here we are, Ms. Kodama.”

“Thanks, Harding.” She looks at me, reaches out to me. “Are you coming to bed yet?”

“Oh, I was just going to sleep on the couch tonight,” I say.

She giggles. “No you weren’t. Come on. You’re as tired as I am.”

“Well, yeah, but…” It doesn’t take more than a second of hesitation before I climb into bed next to her. I put my head against her back and put my arm around her.

 I don’t even have the energy left to change into pajamas…

“I care about you a lot, Karina. And I’m sorry for everything I did.” I whisper it, even though we’re the only two in the whole apartment. Even though we’re right next to each other.

“Me too. I’m sorry. And, Morgan, with all my heart, I just want to say that I…”

“That you…?”

She doesn’t respond, because she fell asleep mid-sentence. I remove her glasses and place them on the nightstand, and then take off my shorts and throw them in a random direction.

Karina Kodama. A lifesaver, a brilliant mind. Stubborn as steel. My best friend.

She’ll be leaving Atlanta in a couple weeks, going so far away I’m not sure how we’ll ever communicate. What she’s going there for, to see her grandmother probably for the last time, is very important. I still have a tinge of sadness inside me, but I know that’ll pass. It doesn’t matter how far apart we are, or how long we might be separated; Karina and I are a dynamic duo. And nobody can take that away from us, but us.

We’ll find Jones together. We’ll discover the Ascendants together. We’ll save Atlanta together, and we’ll have a buttload of fun. doing it.

With every fiber of my quasi-human being, Karina, I care about you. 

And then I fall asleep with you in my arms.


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8 thoughts on “Chocolate Insomnia – Chapter 11: Gonna Be Friends

    1. Yes, starting in THE NEW KNIGHTS, everything will get dark and gritty as Morgan is killed off in the first chapter so that the true hero, Karina, has to have her time to shine as the 90s action star she was born to be.

  1. Sure, if by “buttload of fun” Morgan means they get their asses kicked by Ascendants and their lackeys time after time. Also, Morgan wearing…shorts!?!?

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