Hi, it’s been long enough since my last post that I thought I’d give a few news updates for ATL:

  1. Good news: The site has been revamped and updated since the last time you looked at it, probably! It looks a whole lot better than before, I think. My favorite part is that now news posts are, uh, posts, instead of just sort of being on the main page. There’ll be a few more upgrades to come before the site resumes, too.
  2. …But, ATL won’t be resuming updates for a little while, yet again. I won’t even give a date this time, because of just how many times I’ve given the wrong date. The problem remains the same as in 2020; I have so many projects in the works, including the long-ongoing Systemless, the brand-new joke story Cultivine, the recently-released Gay Gatsby, and several projects that I absolutely wish I could tell you about but can’t just yet. I ran out of my ATL backlog and it turns out that building that back up has just been an excruciating task.
  3. Once ATL returns, it’s going to be a lot slower than before–probably just one update a week for the rest of the current Dog Days story. It’ll be pretty slow with pacing, but I imagine that most people are waiting for the story to finish before catching up anyway, and this is the best I’ll be able to do for a while.
  4. And, one of the possible projects I’ll be working on this year is getting an ATL Season 1 ebook released! Or rather, multiple ebooks, one for each story. That won’t affect the online version much (except that there might be some polishing to older chapters), but when or if this will come is still up in the air. I’ll let you know if anything happens!
  5. There’s going to be one new Quinlan Vault behind-the-scenes post coming out this week that features a very strange past artifact relating to ATL. I hope that’s exciting to you.
  6. Follow my Twitter account (sigh) or the Quinlan Circle Twitter account for more updates. Yeah, I hate the site too, but what else are we gonna do? Sign up for a newsletter? (We don’t have a newsletter for some reason.)

Stay retro, y’all.

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