Please Fill Out the ATL Reader Survey (+News Update)

Hi, a request from your Friendly Neighborhood Thedude: Please fill out the ATL Reader Survey.

As of this writing, there is only one response, so I’m really hoping for more feedback to help me change up ATL and make it better. You do NOT have to be caught up in the story to fill it out, so if you’re behind or you only read some, your feedback will still be heavily appreciated. Anyone who’s finished Dog Days in Hotlanta, though, PLEASE give me your thoughts, because I’m pretty sure there are only about 10 of you lol.

The ATL Reader Survey should only take about 5 minutes. Most of the questions are optional, too, if you want to skip it. I really want to hear opinions from ATL readers! Share the link:

In other news…

I’ve done some preliminary work on ATL’s rewrite already. The story will focus less on standalone story arcs, and instead gear itself more to traditional book-length stories. The original version has 8 story arcs in “Season One,” but the new ATL will have 4-5 interlinked stories per book, each one telling a complete overarching story in the series. It’ll still have different mysteries or villains for each section, but there’ll be a lot more cohesiveness than the original.

This isn’t set in stone, but I also intend to make chapters much longer. Social Media Killer was 34 chapters at about 1,800 words each, for 60,000 words total; a remake Social Media Killer might have, say, 15 chapters at 5,500 words, for 80,000 words total.

And, importantly, I want to make sure the characters are all amazing and super memorable. You won’t like all the characters, but every character will have their fans, for sure. This also means, though, a smaller recurring cast overall, I think. The ATL Reader Survey will go a long way to helping me figure out which characters are worth changing or cutting.

And overall, the timeline for this remake is still unclear. In 2022, I plan to release copyedited versions of Systemless as ebooks, an original fiction remake of Glory of Bowsette, and of course I will finish Golemancer. Depending on the rest of my life, I should have all that done in the first half of the year, which means I think I’ll start working on RE:ATL around next fall. But life is always unexpected, so there’s a big chance I won’t even get to start until close to 2023.

Once again, sorry to active readers who were really enjoying ATL, but it’s clear that I really messed up somewhere, because I lost basically all readers and stopped getting new ones. I’m going to change that somehow. In the meantime, please enjoy my other books, even if they don’t have the sheer power of Morgan Harding, our favorite kid.

(Please fill out the ATL Reader Survey)

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