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  • ATL Returns Update
    ATL returns very soon, just next week. Updates will resume on May 11th (and Systemless will resume on May 9th), and I hope you’re here to read each chapter as it comes out. When ATL returns, I’ll
atl stories from the retrofuture
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Hey, sorry about the continued delays; I told you about them before but I still feel bad about them anyway. ATL will be returning to a regular weekly schedule very soon, hopefully in mid-January, so please be patient just a little bit longer. I promise, it’ll be worth it!

Now, for one of the major reasons for ATL’s recent delays, guess what? I have a whole new book coming out on January 1st, 2021! It’s called The Gay Gatsby. That’s right; Gatsby goes public domain on January 1st, and I’m releasing a whole damn novel on the same exact day. If you like the humor of ATL, you are going to really enjoy the way I turn Fitzgerald’s original work into a satirical sci-fi head trip, so I HIGHLY recommend buying this book as soon as you can. (Also, if I can sell 50 copies on the first day, it has a shot of being the #1 LGBT Sci-fi novel on all of Amazon! That would amazing and I really hope you’ll help it reach that goal.) The URL is really easy to remember: Got that?

Anyway, yeah thanks for sticking with ATL through the past year of sporadic updates. Barring any unforeseen disasters and/or career changes, that’ll all change in 2021, and I’m pretty excited for it.

If everything goes well, ATL will be publishing twice a week in no time at all!

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