Morgan Harding

Age: 21

Morgan’s your typical twentysomething layabout, working a part-time job at the bank to make rent and spending any ounce of free time hanging with friends of watching TV. Only… Morgan has also been gifted with superhuman, cybernetically-enhanced abilities, and is forced to fight a growing number of technological threats to save the city of Atlanta. So, other than that, completely typical.

Karina Kodama

Age: 19

Karina is Morgan’s best friend and a frantic busybody, working a job while going to school and participating in orchestra and assisting with her father’s mechanical research and… you get the picture. She somehow finds time to help out Morgan and R8PR with their assorted missions, but she consistently fails at balancing her time commitments. Jokes sometimes go over her head.


Age: ???

R8PR, or “Sage” as he likes to call himself, is the self-proclaimed first sentient robot, an artificial intelligence with true self-awareness and cognitive abilities beyond any other. His origins are unknown except that Morgan helped him evade capture about one year ago, and now he hides out in the outskirts of Atlanta, only emerging with the city needs protecting. Loves giving lectures.

The Social Media Killer

Age: ???

The Social Media Killer is Atlanta’s newest celebrity, a serial killer hacker who is determined to expose the private lives of wrongdoers. Their motives are unclear but the chaos they have wrought is palpable. Really doesn’t care for bad people or jerks.

Marge Eisenhower

Age: 26

A private investigator for… well, whoever pays the best. Also, Morgan’s older sister. (Ugh.)

Gheb Larkins

Morgan’s boss, the general manager of the Atlanta Cares Bank, Peach Towers Branch. He’s got some major Short Man Syndrome. Fought in the war. Don’t ask him about it.


Beware the power of the mighty Cybermancer, the terror of Atlanta, Moonslash! He abides by a strict code of honor, but that doesn’t stop him from pillaging the populace, committing technological crimes the likes of which the world has never seen.

…Wait, you haven’t heard of him? Really? Well, uh… Yeah.

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